Scott Adair is a professional chef of 25 years, graduating from The Art Institute of Atlanta, GA. After graduating from culinary school, Scott owned and operated a successful Southwestern Bistro in Atlanta, GA. 

Bound for Glory Camp is directed by husband and wife team Scott and Wendi Adair. Scott and Wendi live in Brevard, NC, set in the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  They have three amazing children Paul Adair, Ellington Clark, and son-in-law, John David Clark.  

He is currently employed as an executive chef for a national herb company.  As an individual with dyslexia, he personally understands the struggles as well as the benefits associated with this learning style.  It is his purpose to share his experiences and to encourage campers to excel in their natural creative abilities. 

Wendi Adair graduated from Georgia State University with a BS in Psychology and is an Orton-Gillingham reading practitioner. She worked for eight years as a private tutor, helping students improve their reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension skills.  Currently, she is the chapter director of Augustine Literacy Project-Brevard, a non-profit that provides trained volunteers that tutor students who struggle with reading and come from lower-income families.  It is Wendi's purpose to share her expertise with students who struggle with literacy skills yet have the fewest opportunities to receive assistance and to encourage them to discover their unique God-given gifts producing direction and hope in their lives.