Each weekday campers receive three hours of literacy instruction. This includes one-hour of individualized literacy instruction from a trained multisensory-structured language tutor, written expression/vocabulary development instruction, and guided oral reading. Intense literacy instruction helps students strengthen already learned skills, further develop new skills, and avoid the "summer slide".


Our weekday activities include a culinary program, art, group games, kayaking, hiking, swimming, and nature education classes. Weekend excursions include hiking, camping, horseback riding, gem mining, and more.  Campers learn new skills, self-awareness, and strengthen their confidence all while having a great time. 


We understand the feelings of failure and hopelessness that most struggling readers are forced to accept. At Bound for Glory Camp, we work hard to ensure that our campers learn new perspectives about their difficulties and have ample opportunity to discover and strengthen their talents. Bound for Glory Camp is founded on Christian principles and the belief that Christ is the greatest encouragement one can share.  We offer music worship,  Bible devotions, and pray each day. In addition, living in a camp community of individuals with similar backgrounds and learning styles provides an innate source of encouragement. 

"I feel that her three weeks at camp will forever change how Scarlett shows up in the world." -parent

"We are forever grateful to BFG Camp for giving CJ this opportunity to discover more about himself and thrive." -parent

"Camp was a special place.  It helped me to read, learn more about Jesus, and good cooking." -camper

"It made me a better reader, writer, and cook. I love everything there!"-camper

"Summer is the most unequal time in America for young people, and a season for setbacks in education and health."

National Summer Learning Association